Terms & Conditions

Please remember that this is our family home – we built it, love it and respect it and we hope you do to – please enjoy.

Allergy sufferers - we clean our home with Enjo products using very little to no chemicals.

We also support youth in our area by providing them with their first job opportunity to work as cleaners and hospitality staff trained and supervised by myself and responsible seniors. Your support by leaving our home in great shape helps us to help them. Thank you for your support.

Managers/ Owners: Scott & Debe Brassey Mob: 0428 544 279

Note: Variances can be agreed on but only by arrangement with the owner in writing.

1.    A non refundable Booking Deposit of 50% is required  asap to secure the booking. Payment of the rental deposit constitutes the clients acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Happy for 3x part payments for larger peak holiday bookings. Please contact the Owner for direct bankingdetails for deposit payments by phone or email.

 2. Balance of Payment of the rental amount must be received in full at least 2 weeks prior to occupancy. If not the owner has the right to cancel the booking and attempt to re let it. If paying cash, the full amount outstanding must be paid on arrival.

3.    Security Bond of $1000.00 must be arranged or paid 3 days to your arrival. This can be by direct transfer or cash and will be returned immediately after the house is checked following your departure. All quality holiday houses hold a security bond.

All items in the house are photographed and itemised and checked off between all guests and co signed by the owner and a cleaner minimise issues with bond claims.

Guests that book Cellitos on Smiths take full responsibility for all their other guests actions and behaviour when this relates to property damage.
If a guest, or any person present in the premises with a guest’s permission breaches any of these Terms and Conditions of Letting Management  is authorized, without giving you prior notice, to claim the full amount of the security deposit and you will have no claim against Owners Managers/Cellitosonsmiths. Where the value of the loss or damage caused by the breach of these Terms and Conditions of Letting exceeds the value of the security deposit, Owners/Managers in addition to any other rights may have at law the right to recover from the guest any costs incurred as a result of the breach. An administration fee of $40 will be charged if a bond claim is required to be processed.
Refund of Security Deposit occurs within 72hrs of departure.
4.  IF cancellation requested by guest:
Booking cancellations (not in peak holiday periods) will receive a full refund if the notice if 2 weeks notice or greater is given. If notice of cancellation is less than 2 weeks 25% of the booking fee will be retained.  If last minute cancellation of less than 30days notice occurs involving a peak holiday period booking, ie; all school holidays and 1st December to 29th February, 50% the booking fee will be  charged and retained by the Property Manager. However, in both instances a 95% refund will be supplied if all dates can be rebooked by another guest. Please discuss all cancellations with the Owners in a friendly manner as I am a flexible and an understanding person.

5.  All payments must be processed by Direct Transfer, Cash or credit card.  Discounts are given for repeat customers.   

6. Bank Details for Payments will be sent in Confirmation of Booking email. Please Reference this transfer with your Surname.

7.         The owners will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However the owners reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances and a full refund of monies paid will apply if this occurs.

8.         Keys – a coded safety key system is in place at Cellitos on Smiths. Duplicate keys are not available. On arrival you will be given a code (usually the last or middle 3 numbers of your mobile phone number)  to enter into the wall mounted system. This will release a panel where you will find the key to enter. This way all guests just remember the code and can come and go freely without the risk of losing keys. The code is changed for each and every booking. It helps to make a note of the key code in your mobile phone.

9.         Free linen bundles supply only included with all bookings. Please bring your beach towels.

10.       Check in times is usually 3pm and Check-out time is 10am by the latest, to allow time to prepare property for next guests, unless prior arrangements are made with Owners for a late checkout. I will notify you if I can let you arrive early or checkout late.

11.       Children: Children sleeping in cots stay free. Once in a bed they are considered an additional guest. Due to the nature of this property, i.e. tiled stair wells, nib wall over stair well, high front verandah, fenced swimming pool, etc., children are the full responsibility of the parents/guests and release the owners of the property from any liability. Having stated this, this house is a great house for kids. Keys are available to lock all pool gates. Toddler stretcher beds, baby bjorn bouncer and bumbo chairs can all be hired and signed for at  $25 each per stay for extra small children. All cots and high chairs are free.

12.       On Arrival or during your stay if anything is out of order, unclean or damaged please notify the Owner/Manager asap for rectification asap.

13.       Disturbance to neighbours, including excessive noise and/or disturbances arising from guests pets (see below conditions on ‘Pets’), is prohibited and may result in termination of rental and/or loss of Security Deposit. Noise must be reduced to a minimum and outside speakers turned off  at midnight on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) and 10pm on week nights (Sunday to Thursday).  Drunken, obscene and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

14.       The Owners of the premises are not responsible for, and guests hereby release them from any liability in respect of, any injury, debt, damage, loss, cost, delay, expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events beyond the owner’s control.

15.       Guests Personal  Property -No responsibility will be taken by the Owners for guest’s personal property left in or around the property. We recommend that guests take out travel insurance to cover this.

To maintain a good standard for our tenants/guests, we require certain conditions to be complied with. We appreciate most tenants/guests will respect our property but the occasional abuse requires that we state the following conditions. Scott cleans the pool one hour prior to all guests arriving. A pool scoop is left for guests to use. If the pool requires cleaning after bad weather please contact  Scott will call in and vacuum the pool. We do not leave expensive pool cleaning equipment for guests to use as many guests have no idea how to operate it. Guests are responsible for maintaining a water level mid way across the white filter box in the pool to prevent the burnout of the pool filter. This is explained to guests on arrival.

16.       Number of Guests should not exceed the number stated on the Confirmation Notice or subsequently agreed in writing or email. This property sleeps 10 adults comfortably of which two rooms have bunk beds with double on the bottom and a single on the top.  We also have available for hire 3 smaller stretcher beds for toddlers and small children learning to sleep in "big beds". Overcrowding is strictly not permitted and may lead to eviction and immediate loss of security deposit. Meaqn age of groups must be greater than 30years of age.

17.       No smoking inside the house. Ashtrays are supplied in the courtyard area. No cigarette butts to be left on the lawn area or flicked into the pool or neighbouring properties.

18.       Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited. The Holiday Rental price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial. Accordingly this rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, wear and tear, repairs etc. Use of this property in this manner will result in loss of your security deposit and/or additional payments and eviction.

19.       Damage, Breakages, Theft and Loss are the tenants /guests responsibility during their stay. All damages, breakages and loses are to be reported to the Owners immediately. Repairs etc. will be arranges asap. You will be notified if a tradesperson is coming.                                                        

 The guest will be responsible for damage to the property or premises or loss of or damage to any items at the property, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, floors and floor coverings, furniture and fittings, kitchen utensils, crockery, glassware, cutlery and the guest will pay to the Owners the full cost of replacement or repair of any such items damaged or lost. All damage, breakages and losses are to be reported to the Owners immediately. All furniture and equipment must be left in the premises as originally found.

20.       No open flame candles are to be used inside the house, on verandahs or decks, in courtyard, pool area or on furniture. Torches are supplied in case of blackouts. Two working smoke detectors are wired into the house.

21.       Large fires in the fireplace are dangerous and prohibited.  When using the internal fireplace please keep the door closed at all times. Keep the air/vent lever pulled OUT to burn the wood slowly once the fire has started. This keeps the house at a comfortable temperature, burns the wood slowly and does not overheat the house. Fire is not to be used in Spring and Summer months. Wood will be supplied by the owners at the appropriate time.

22.       Small Children -If a baby is in your party, please ensure disposable nappies are placed in plastic bags before placing in the bin, and make sure these bins are emptied into the wheelie bins at the end of your stay. DO NOT BRING TEXTAS OR CRAYONS INTO CELLITOS ON SMITHS.

23.       The moving of furniture, such as lounges, indoor dining tables, plants, etc is not permitted.

24.       Premises are furnished to the individual property owner’s taste and style and they take no responsibility for any unmet expectations of tenants /guests, or any changes made by the owner to the d├ęcor, furnishings and equipment in the premises.

25.       Guests will be responsible for costs incurred for retuning TV/VCRs which have been detuned by guests or by the attachment of electronic devices, play stations etc.

26.       If on arrival by a tenant /guest the premises are unclean, or it comes to the attention of the tenant/guest that the premises have been damaged, they must promptly notify the owners and allow contractors or employees access to the premises for the purposes of inspection and if necessary cleaning or repairing of damage.

27.       If you are using the small oil heater in the master bedroom please only operate 4pm – 7am in winter and turn off daily at the wall. Any longer and this room will become uncomfortably hot. This small heater is only required if you choose to use the fireplace (not the air con) as the heat does not wrap around into the master bedroom.

28.       Excess garbage, bottles and boxes will not be collected by Council and must be removed and disposed of by guests, or arrangements made with owners (fees from $30.00 apply). A minimum $30/bin will be charged for use (with or without permission) for excess garbage. Garbage nights are Monday and Friday nights all year round.

29.       Swimming Pool: Pool gates must be kept closed at all times. No glass or dogs to be taken into pool enclosure. Tenants /guests are responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property arising from the use of this area. Children must be supervised at all times while in pool enclosure. Keys are provided to lock the pool gates if deemed necessary by the parents. No ornamental garden rocks, food or other unusual items to be played with or left in the pool as these deteriorate the water quality and block pool filters.

The pool is cleaned by Scott one hour prior to your arrival and a scoop left for guests use. If the pool requires a further clean after bad weather please contact Debe and Scott will call in and clean it. We do not leave pool vacuum cleaners etc. as many guests have no idea how to operate this equipment. Guests must maintain the water level half way across the white skimmer box at the back end of the pool daily by filling with the hose for 1 hr . Water is lost daily by splashing out and evaporation in hot months.

Keys to lock all courtyard and pool gates are left hidden from children in the master bedroom wardrobe for parents to use. Tenants are responsible for keeping water level in pool topped up so that it flows through filter box in order for the pool pump to function properly and not burn out. No swimming in the pool after 9pm and noise must be kept to an absolute minimum so as not to disturb the neighbours at night. Check the pool each morning for spiders which might blow in, scoop out and place back into the garden.

Native animals and small critters – As Cellitos on Smiths is located in very close proximity to a National Park we occasionally have small native creatures like Antechinus (a small rodent like marsupial) and Blue Tounge lizards etc that can fall into the pool and drown. If this occurs lift out with the scoop, wrap in paper and place in the bin. The pool will not be emptied if this occurs as these aminals have not had time to decompose and there are sufficient sterilizing products in the salt water pool to maintain high quality pool hygiene. The pool is professionally water tested, complete with documentation, monthly in the cooler months and fortnightly throughlout the summer and warmer months. This is attended regularly to maintain hygiene for small children.

Cockroaches – “…are one of the world’s most ancient bugs and are a member of the termite family” (Flick Pest Control). Australia has over 400 cockroach species. “Native cockroaches are an important part of our unique bio-diverse ecosystem and should be left alone” (Flick Pest Control). At Cellitos on Smiths we do occasionally leave cockroach baits around hidden from children eg; under the fridge. They can arrive at Cellitos on Smiths in traveller’s luggage. The best way to keep these small creatures at bay around the house is to leave the courtyard and kitchen areas free from food crumbs overnight as this is what they will come to feed on.

30.       All rentals are subject to increase without notice, especially in the case of the premises being upgraded or renovated and on instructions from the owner, and in respect of genuinely misquoted accommodation fees. Guests will be given the opportunity to pay the increase or obtain a full refund of the deposit paid.

31.       In the event of any renovation/building work being carried out near the holiday premises, such work is beyond the control of the Owner and we cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance, noise or inconvenience guests may suffer as a result. No discount will be negotiated in these circumstances. We will however, warn you.

32.       Arrival greeting will be attended by the Owner/Manager with a quick walk through to orientate guests to this property, it's features and important safety aspects like locking of pool gates , security gauzes, security night lights, blackouts, pool pumps, first aid,  solar friendly items,  pet control, noise control, slippery tiles and child safety risks etc.. In summer I will also provide written and oral instructions relating to fire hazards in our area, how to monitor and that we will keep you informed if there ar any risks in our area.

33. The pink Cellitos on Smiths folder is located in the house on the dining room sideboard. It is a condition of this contract that you familiarise yourself with the charges listed for damage and theft  that will be deducted from your bond if deemed necessary.  If any accidental breakages occur please contact the owners immediately to discuss the matter and resolve bond/cost issues. Fire safety info is included here as well. We will notify our guests if any fire risks are present.

34. All items are photographed and checked off between guests. The cost of the missing or damaged goods will be drawn against your credit card immediately after house inspection (usually within an hour of guests vacating the house) and a text sent to the guest notifying them of this. A followup email will also be sent that evening outlining the matter and the associated costs to be borne by the guest.  It is up to the guest to then make contact with the owner as the owner will not spend any more time trying to reach the guest as it is assumed that the guest knows about the damage and will not respond in an attempt to avoid paying for the damage. Experience dictates that I need to write the previous sentence.

Charges Include, but are not limited to:

$2000.00 per lounge chair unit (there are three in total) to replace if damaged.

$1500.00 for any one room to be re-carpeted.

$200.00 per one square meter of lawn that is dead or damaged requiring replacement.

$300.00 per wall for plaster or paint repair.

$80.00 per damaged/missing kitchen appliance.

$50.00 per damaged gauze/fly screen.

$50.00 per lounge/bedroom cushion missing or damaged.

$400.00 per missing/damaged Cycad or large potted plant.

Full replacement cost of any item damaged by a pet.

Full costs will be charged for all other items requiring repair or replacement following your visit.

Associated with any of the above or other repair/replacement costs is an administration fee of $100.00. This is to cover our expenses in corresponding with the guest relating to the damage, bank charges, sourcing the item, driving over 180kms to collect goods ( often to Taree and back), shipping/freight, travel time, assembly time etc.etc.. We do not live close to major shopping centres and often need to source major goods from Taree or Newcastle.

Postage – no charge for smaller items left behind. Any items left behind will be returned.

35. Canoe - a large stable beige coloured canoe is available free for guests use. Four adult life jackets are supplied by Cellitos on Smiths. If you wish to take your children in the canoe parents will need to supply aged appropriate well fitted life jackets for their children. We strongly suggest you only paddle near the foreshore as the wind can come up quickly mid afternoons out in the middle of the lake. When finished the canoe must be locked to the tree using the bike lock. The oars are kept in the garage and ket in house near the garage door keys. This canoe is shared with our other guests in Allure on Smiths down the road. Please phone 0428544279 to book your use of the canoe with Debe anytime.

36.       Pets:

a)         Permission from the property owners is required before tenants /guests to bring pets of any kind.

b)          Dogs are NEVER to be left unattended in our courtyard or home at any time unless in a secured dog pen in the shade and they have learnt not to bark when alone. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time in the backyard as in a strange environment they will bark incessantly and try to dig out to find you. Leaving them alone in a strange house stresses them so please keep your pets with you at all times.

A maximum of 2 small well behaved dogs are allowed due to the small backyard area . Unfortunately previous guests would leave their large dogs unattended in our back yard where they would cause severe damage to our lawn and chew our outdoor furniture hence we are no longer able to cater for large dogs. Please discuss your pet with me first.

d)         Dogs must be kept outside as much as possible however well behaved dogs are permitted to sleep on the tiled lounge area at night near the fire. No pets are permitted to enter the carpeted bedrooms in the house. Evidence of this at cleaning time will incur and additional 3 hr cleaning charge at $75 per hour. Dogs are permitted to sleep on their mats in front of the fireplace on the tiled areas only. Dogs that dig holes in lawns or puppies that chew furniture will not be welcome and owners run the risk of losing their bond. Pets must be flea free and clean on arrival.

e)         All dog waste must be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in the garbage at home and when out and about.

f)         Dogs must not be allowed to wander on to neighbouring properties nor disturb the neighbours with prolonged barking.

g)         Dogs are not to be washed in showers or baths inside the house or in the swimming pool. There is an outside shower at the rear of the house  that can be used for this purpose as well as a garden hose.

h)         Tenants /guests are fully responsible for any damage incurred by the dogs including damage to furniture, gardens, gauzes and lawns etc.

i)          The property owners reserve the right to have dog s (pets) removed if the above conditions are not adhered to. Automatic loss of security deposit will apply.

j)Pets are not permitted to swim in the pool for hygiene reasons and the fact that we have families with small children and infants visiting and using the pool. They are also not to be washed in the showers in the house. Please hose down your pets outside. Pets are not to use the verandah day bed as their dog bed. An additional cleaning charge of $80.00 will be charged if the day bed smells like dog.



Scott & Debe
Cellitos on Smiths

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